Nuria Ghia, Paula Cazenave, Sergio Cucalon, Gaston Zani – Alemit [Addeepted]

Tying it together, 'Alemit' is on a more headsdown tip with whirring atmospherics for a boring and mesmerising segment of terminated the EP we take 2 paralysing remixes from Paula Cazenave delightful it to the unilluminated side with a mixture of metallic synths, shadows and unstoppable percussion and Nuria Ghia giving a variated vocal understanding, fat bassline and knockout effects. Laying down impenetrable hitting kicks and undulating synth combined withshuffling hats, stuffy baseline and floating chords. All that cause this liberate protean and correct for performers round the clique.

Gaston Zani, Sergio Cucalon - Alemit (Original Mix)
Gaston Zani, Sergio Cucalon - Alemit (Paula Cazenave Remix)
Gaston Zani, Sergio Cucalon - Alemit (Nuria Ghia Remix)