Nuno (SEA), Si Tew, Lay-Far, Atjazz – Truth, Pt. 2 [Atjazz Record Company]

You are now safely tuned into Truth (Part 2) from the formidable Atjazz & Zano. We return to the fold with a trio of fantastic remixes. Moscowbased production machine LayFar begins this journey with a solid driven contribution as per his usual output. His clever sampling of Zanos vocal is the foundation on which the rest of the track is built and this offers a very tidy outcome. Next up Si Tew goes straight in breaking the beats up and playing with deep rolling bass notes and the lightest of melodic touches this coupled with Zanos rhythmic vocal delivers a delightful sonic arrangement in full and summery to boot! Rounding things off with an onpoint deephouse dub is Zanos fellow South African Gautengbased Nuno (SEA) with his Dub of Sorts Mix. Listen up no messing around with this lot.

Atjazz, Zano - Truth (Lay-Far Remix)
Atjazz, Zano - Truth (Si Tew Remix)
Atjazz, Zano - Truth (Nuno (SEA) Dub of Sorts Mix)