Numall Fix, A-Line, Caramidovik, AmoTees – Trance Evolution #6 [Umusic Records]

Distinct Artists – Exaltation Formation #6 is the latest circulate on Umusic Records.Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the clique

AmoTees - VWA (Original Mix)
Andruboy - Dream Island (Original Mix)
Bukat - Apofis (Original Mix)
Bukat - Heaven (Original Mix)
Anton Impulse - I Have Not Forgotten (Original Mix)
Extense - Universe (Original Mix)
New Decline - Moon Spells (Original Mix)
Caramidovik - Into The Sky (Original Mix)
A-Line - Hyper (Original Mix)
Numall Fix - Inevitability (Original Mix)