NOVAA – Stolen Peaches [Pennywine Entertainment]

Credit you for attractive my blindness from me and giving me a readable landscape. – NOVAAs after words on the thieves. Get NOVAAS EP "Stolen Peaches" as independent Download on Soundcloud or Effusion it on your chosen Streaming-Platorm. Novaa made up a unhurt crowd of new sounds and stories – and flat an own Avatar for every melody, showing her really extraordinary approach on the circle. Afer her 2015 enter-set free "Hari" and latest unloose "Down Controlled by" – a collabo-EP with the troubadour & grower Moglii – NOVAA announces her EP "Stolen Peaches", featuring nine brandnew tracks. To maintain the Ideas and echo in the land of the living sensitive – to not let the grim override the dreamboat that has been made. I´m not on the warpath, i´m grateful – now more than on any occasion i miss to impart my all to exchange the way this existence develops. "Stolen Peaches" – new EP of troubadour, in Britain director and songwriter NOVAA. As lamentng is not NOVAAs energy, the contemplation of making the choicest of out the situaton came to her sagacity: all bits and bites that could be reconstructed in one way should not get irrecoverable in this thef. Meantime NOVAA has developed a exceedingly own new tone and new ideas – to say goodbye to her disappearance & her old seem, NOVAA undisputed to let out her ultimately reconstructed bits of "Peaches" as STOLEN PEACHES – for self-ruling. With her defned aspect and lone utterance NOVAA fows unmistakeably into her jam-packed bodied electronic quality she calls "Coherent Electronic". The Gag & Ri:
It was summer 2015, when NOVAA was working on new Songs for her planned album "Peaches". It was not the matter depletion that made a cut into Novaas greatly own galaxy for a jiffy, but the bereavement of all these songs and ideas. Proper within the Songwritng of "Peaches" a few guys penurious into NOVAAS car and scarf her laptop – flled with all her melodious ideas and new songs she was working on.

NOVAA - Rose (Original Mix)
NOVAA - Is It U (Original Mix)
NOVAA - Sex (Original Mix)
NOVAA - Skinny Dipping (Original Mix)
NOVAA - Hands (Original Mix)
NOVAA - Sleep (Original Mix)
NOVAA - Hermit (Original Mix)
NOVAA - Money (Original Mix)
NOVAA - In Line (Original Mix)