Notaker, Reddfield, Sedi, Jaytech – Awakening (remixes) [Positronic Digital]

Jaytech's "Awakening" album conspicuous a new chapter in the vocation of James "Jimbo" Cayzer and his exploration to attract a signature storytelling hearing to the orb. We're pleased as Punch to for the present this three-spoor EP, reinterpreting three of the album's standout tracks by the shining stars of the Positronic Digital m. Compelling the listener on a melodic transit of increasing clan, Sedi's assured and emotive dancefloor win on "Visions", the daze-tipped Reddfield re-travail of "Yugen" and the epic glitch-opera cut of "Subsequent History" by Notaker. Three really contrary takes, but tranquillity undeniably Jaytech. Distributed by Label Motor –

Jaytech, Kailin - Visions feat. Kailin (Sedi Remix)
Jaytech - Yugen (Reddfield Remix)
Jaytech - Future Story (Notaker Remix)