Norman Muller, Berk Offset – Crash War Neu [Rauschwaren]

Industrial party funk as its WC HERRtick tick tock – thundering – restate!. Berk Make up for opens up this ep with subfusc noises, shuffling hats and grinding bassdrums that trail you in. Coordinated down fragments fade into freakish bantam qualifications scapes and granite-like hitting grooves in which you fit irrecoverable. Dancefloor – now!WAR NUR ASCHE (Norman's Noppenpopmix)Rauschwaren CEO norman takes the rift traces into a primetime dancefloor stomper in his ordinary protocol. WAR NUR ASCHENo sunlight, right-minded strobe and fogmaschine. Incomprehensible pounding, distorted and fully charged techno lawful as you like it – your noppen purposefulness pop while dancing to this. Repeating snares are followed up by whispering hats, moshing grooves and abstruse, malodorous pushing bassdrums.

Berk Offset - War nur Asche (Original Mix)
Berk Offset - Sauna WC Herr (Original Mix)
Berk Offset - War nur Asche (Norman Muller's Noppenpopmix)