Noh Vae – Woyo Ep [Terra Null Recordings]

If "Woyo EP" is any signal, we await Brobdingnagian things from Noh Vae in the unborn, as Terra Null continues to shoulder head, propelling electronic music into the experiential and unidentified. An unheard-of in the dnb and electronic scenes, Noh Vae is unshakeable to forge a moniker for himself altogether apace as his inauguration rescue presents an immensely imposing portion of business, across the unrestricted wideness of four incomparable and inspiring tracks. In arousing the latest thing, Noh Vae refuses to become lower assist on drum patterns traditionally incorporated in 170-bpm music. Terra Null Recordings proudly presents its fifteenth rescue, "Woyo EP", from UK manufacturer Alessio Vigneri, aka Noh Vae. As an alternative, in keeping with the eagerness of experimentalism that Terra Null chases yet ooze, each railroad on "Woyo EP" presents breakthroughs in drum mechanics that are as in perfect accord as they are compelling. It is a consistency in dignity that is so rare in music and art, as each on on the EP successfully stands on its own, with no enervated links to sell. Ripe pads and short-tempered sub bass infiltrate throughout, alone to be met noodle on by some of the finest drum labour the description has released to beau.

Noh Vae - Acre Lane (Original Mix)
Noh Vae - Lopuna Blanca (Original Mix)
Noh Vae - Woyo (Original Mix)
Noh Vae - Shamanism (Original Mix)