No One, Alex Dovo, Noktiluc, Eri D – Technobeats [Offbeat Music]

We feature four newcomers who have matured over the course of a year to provide us eloquent statements in their personal style. Vinotino is a grimy minimal groove inspired by Venezuelan urban life, Alex Dovo delivers. Expect this heavy hitting style from this young upstart. No One delivers the song of his people, an unusual place where bass is language. On the flipside Noktiluc takes us on a trip to the Argentinian dance floors with his uplifting dreamscape, while Albanian veteran Eri D concludes with an uplifting journey through the shades of dawn to the fire of dusk.

Support by Paco Osuna and Will Monotone

Eri D - Universe (Original Mix)
Noktiluc - Malabar (Original Mix)
Alex Dovo - Vinotinto (Original Mix)
No One - Cling Clangs and Boom Booms (Original Mix)