No Mask Effect – Nothing Out There [Psychonavigation Records]

The haunting opener 'Nothing Out There' features determination viva voce dialogue snippets which are tainted with astronomy inspired sounds proper to any giant Sci-Fi cinema soundtrack. Excited strings gently brim in and out creating a glum modulation. Mid way to the album the keep a record of 'Sleeping Shadows' is the artists own reading of Ambient Established music. Downey's faculty to mix Ambient Soundcscapes interwoven with oral parley samples and environmental ambience be struck by set up the artist as one to regard in the ambient sphere. The album continues with a youthful helpmate's thoughts on the burg individual of 'Denver' and the tranquility of the Colorado countryside that she longs to involvement. Hot on the heels of his final report in June,Keith Downey aka No Disguise Purport delivers his third album of 2016. Categorize covered by : Ambient Soundscapes / Chillout 'Spork' features a distorted robotic publication that is no more than audible but manages to develop a pitch-dark feeling.

No Mask Effect - Nothing Out There (Original Mix)
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No Mask Effect - Sleeping Shadows (Original Mix)
No Mask Effect - Spork (Original Mix)
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