Nina Schatz, Tom Finn – Catwalk Ep [Daylight Robbery Records]

In 2015 she was recogniced as 'Most appropriate DJ Organizer in Bolivia' by RQP RadioStation and also she had been nomated by TOP100 DJANEMAG as one of the Top 100 female DJs in the the public, while she had been featured on DJ MAG 'Modern KICKS' and had a note on their website. With releases on the likes of Le Truncheon, Rhythmetic, Element, Moonshake, Yaiza, Tulipe to honour a few, this rhythm Nina joined forces with Tom Finn to release a 3-wake trace EP to Open Hold-up. Nina Schatz & Tom Finn – Catwalk EP [DRR026]

Nina Schatz started her vocation as a DJ in 2012, DJ-ing with all upon her realm,but as nicely she already has gigs in multifarious countries like Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Argentina and more. Together they combined their music styles creating a requirement be undergoing housey EP. It is immense excitation to gratifying them both to the stamp. Tom Finn as an artist has captivated in off in the definitive combine of years with tracks Signed to different labels Across the UK, Europe and USA like Freakin 909, ZULU, Mi7 Records, Assemble It Records, Disgusting Funk Records SundayBest Recordings, Westway Records, KMS Records, 2nd Born, Ounce Records, Irritation Records, Blacklist, Bulletproofsonics. Also he had the moment to drudgery with artists such as Marshall Jefferson, Jungle Brothers, Eraze The Dub Pistols, Dantiez Saunderson and multifarious more.

Tom Finn, Nina Schatz - Catwalk (Original Mix)
Nina Schatz - You Got The Powah (Original Mix)
Tom Finn, Nina Schatz - Bolivia (Original Mix)