Nimue – Crononauta [GOA Records]

All tracks were recorded and produced by Valeria Iris Dispense aka Nimue, except rails 05-Tai Tai Wachuma, composed of Mauro Passerino and remixed by Valeria Dose aka Nimue. Collaboration guitars and ethnic instruments in songs 5, 6 and 7: Mauro Passerino Made in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. This album is a go abroad with a lot of stria, starting at 113bpm with songs for preheating the nightfall, looking at loudness and the nuances of the unperturbed trip the light fantastic toe. Atop of ease a Psy Cataleptic Ethnic gives way to a 140bpm dulcet voyage and at the end the din sincerity goes down to Chillout manner, to annihilate the sightsee relaxing the air middle of Hip Hop Metaphysical moods. By the central of the album the Bpm's lift up but we locate textured Down Time Psy into 120bpms.

Nimue - Amor Espacial (Original Mix)
Nimue - Mas Brillante (Original Mix)
Nimue - Espectral Azul (Original Mix)
Nimue - Crononauta (Original Mix)
Nimue - Tai Tai Wachuma (Original Mix)
Nimue - Especias (Original Mix)
Nimue - Para Siempre (Original Mix)