Nikko Culture, Nayio Bitz – Sunrise [Nylo Music]

Nayio Bitz's highly anticipated new single on NYLO called Sunrise features the fantastic talent Nikko Culture and Nayio himself who bring us their stunning interpretations.

First up is Nikko Culture who's mix uses a melodic 80's synth, stunning vocal and brilliant effects to create a bubbling ambience resulting in a distinct and emotional feel, which culminates in a marvellous uplifting piano riff destined to leave you wanting more and further cementing Nikko's already great status as a shining newcomers of the scene.

Nayio Bitz's original rendition of 'Sunrise' is a stripped down club affair that effortlessly intertwines classic 80's chords to create a pounding groove that is sprinkled with hypnotic synth stabs and a mesmerizing vocal making this a instant club smash. This will please the Nayio Bitz faithful, as well as the club going dance crowd. Essential stuff!

Last but not least we have Nayio's classic rework of It's Not Over which focuses on the melodic side, by cleverly chopping the beats and vocal for the opening part oft he track to create a moody and emotional vibe, which in combination with some swinging drums half way thru establishes so much positive energy that it takes you right to any happening beach house club at sunset in the world, emphasizing the vast musical spectrum this release has on offer.

Nayio Bitz - Sunrise (Nikko Culture Remix)
Nayio Bitz - Sunrise (Original Mix)
Nayio Bitz - It's Not Over (Original Mix)