Nikhil Prakash, Kamil Esten – Triumph [Elliptical Sun Recordings]

Kamil Esten comes out up to date with another epic track, Victory, exclusively on Elliptical Sun Recordings. Riffing off the spacious travail of Kamil is Nikhil Prakash's remix of Delight. Turn everywhere sounds and adding some drifting vocal elements, Nikhil manages to bear out a uncut new side to the long story. Matchless in with a roaring bass-slash, Kamil's balance glides into an unexceptionally admirable harmony that most assuredly is a Jubilation. With both Techy and Revisionist vibes, this remix is a wonderful re-imagining of Glory win.

Kamil Esten - Triumph (Original Mix)
Kamil Esten - Triumph (Nikhil Prakash Remix)