Nico Salazar – Nico Salazar – Starlight [Trinity Las Vegas]

Nico Salazar – Nicholas Nico Salazar is a music producer and disc jockey based out of Las Vegas, NV. His musical style is a mixture of Trance and House. Throughout the early 2000's he began Collecting Trance Vinyls and soon began practicing mixing on turntables. As the decade progressed, he soon learned to be versatile Using cdj's and other types of equipment. Nico then began his career in electronic music and soon found himself producing Trance And House in his home studio.

In 2015 He started making monthly appearances at Artisan After Hours playing at events such as Masquerade Ball and Foundation. And In September of that year He also made a appearance at Drais Beach Club for the House Music Awards.

Nico Salazar - Nico Salazar - Starlight (Original Mix)