Nico Cabeza – The Raw Bitch Ep [Say What? Recordings]

Persisting on the drum workouts, "Solutions" wraps things up subliminally and throws in an anthemic vocal-chat vocal to herb things up. Nico certainly makes a expression in his debut for our mark, and "The Raw Harpy" is a immovable testament to his overtures with its galloping stress cross-section, looped-out diva vocals, and surgical-exactitude orchestration. "Martini Cocktail" is marginally toned-down, yet packs abundance of slam with more shuffling snares and compulsory Old Skool stabs.

Nico Cabeza - The Raw Bitch (Original Mix)
Nico Cabeza - Martini Cocktail (Original Mix)
Nico Cabeza - Solutions (Original Mix)