NICK TEAL, Hone-Onna (骨女), DJ CERINO, Quarterjack – Xiii [XOX Cult]

XIII is the second full length album from Quarterjack. The release theme explores Kabbalah numerology, human consciousness, and perception. Sonically the music is composed of analog hardware blended with modern software, vocoded vocals, and live session instrumental work on guitar and bass. The genres focus is garage and bass house, while influence lies to things like 90's rave synth patching with hiphop and breaks drums. The melody and lead riffs on the other hand jest on more unique influence such as current pop trends, classic Japanese kayokyoku, and even neo-classical metal. This sound landscape makes for a collage of computer and human based sound design. The humanoid female persona Hone-Onna (骨女), DJ CERINO, and Quarterjack himself make their vocal introductions on the record.

Quarterjack, DJ CERINO, Hone-Onna (骨女) - START (feat. Hone-Onna (骨女)) (Original Mix)
Quarterjack - UP&DOWN (Original Mix)
Quarterjack - The Program (Original Mix)
Quarterjack - 1234 (Original Mix)
Quarterjack - human uniVERSE (Original Mix)
Quarterjack - Imagination (Original Mix)
Quarterjack - Level Seven (Original Mix)
Quarterjack - DREAMS and FEARS (Original Mix)
Quarterjack - The Aquarian Age (Original Mix)
Quarterjack - Quarterjack (Original Mix)
Quarterjack, DJ CERINO - Bloody Mary (feat. DJ CERINO) (Original Mix)
Quarterjack, NICK TEAL - 360 Degrees (Original Mix)
Quarterjack - XIII (Original Mix)