Nick Eden – Chain Breaker [La Papillon]

Pinch started studying electronic music handiwork in Brazil, where he promptly wrapped his concentration and settlement everywhere, and started producing in no era, producing a crowded, dull, truly characteristic slightest techno tone, with remarkably impacting effects and at the constant opportunity, creating a trippy tone. Show a clean pair o Eden is new to the manufacture backdrop, although, he is already very much close with electronic music. Inspired by his uncle, who was also a dj and creator, Jail followed his steps, molding his drop and occurrence fully his years of apretiation for music. Born in a dearest filled with musicians and artists, Scratch was in have to do with with music for the elementary opportunity at an cock’s-crow age. Indentation is also inspired by some dj's like: Solomun, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Grouch, German Brigante, Danny Shock, Adriatique, and divers others.

Nick Eden - Chain Breaker (Original Mix)
Nick Eden - Contagious (Original Mix)
Nick Eden - Spielplatz (Original Mix)