Nick Anthony Simoncino – Isole Del Tramonto [Vibraphone Records]

For the first time VIBRAPHONE RECORDS is releasing an EP by an artist other than THE TRUE UNDERGROUND SOUND OF ROME. For such an exclusive event there could have not been a better choice than Italian DJ/PRODUCER, Nick Anthony SIMONCINO. For the production of this record, ISOLE DEL TRAMONTO (Sunset Islands) Simoncino uses a selection of strictly old school analog synthesizers, and drum machines, which takes you on a charming magical journey through the Mediterranean Sea with pulsating minimal deep bass lines, oneiric harmonic textures, exotic tom tom patterns, hypnotic sexy and catchy grove beats. ISOLE DEL TRAMONTO is an EP that connects and combines the essential elements and spirit of deep house music along with providing its visionary future…

Nick Anthony Simoncino - Isole Del Tramonto (Original Mix)
Nick Anthony Simoncino - Cecilia A Roma (Original Mix)
Nick Anthony Simoncino - Mediterraneo (Original Mix)
Nick Anthony Simoncino - L'Isola Misterioso (Original Mix)