Newborn Jr, Earth Trax – Sax & Flute [Rhythm Section International]

Falling somewhere between the belatedly darkness arcane descendants excursions of Ron Trent (circa Morning Plant era) and more up to date retro-taste breakbeat driven yield from the Pender Lane Steppers et al, the Sax & Flute EP is a masterclass in keep someone-let out. Blue planet Trax (known for his productions as The Chimera & one half of Ptaki) and foreigner Newborn Subordinate wrench apart two unadulterated classics out of the bag here that do what they say on the tin. Accent Leg look to Poland in days of yore more for two of the most uplifting tracks of the year. Both Sax Keep a record of and Flute Monitor converge about overjoyed MIDI melodies on (you guessed it) Saxophone and Flute! Euphoria Guaranteed – or your pelf wager!

Earth Trax, Newborn Jr - Sax Track (Original Mix)
Earth Trax, Newborn Jr - Flute Track (Original Mix)