Newball, Patrick Galbano, David Balmont, Many Too – Last Minute Puzzle 85 [Patent Skillz]

Ring free for round 85 of the Last Minute Puzzle. One of our formats which always distinguishes
through it´s diversity, variety and changes. That´s what makes it so special – producers and artists
from all around the world with different styles and influences come together to present a unique mix
of five tracks to prove their skills and give you a interesting compilation of finest underground
electronic music. Also this time we got a exciting mix of artists for you, consisting of DMILE
(Spain), Jose Diaz and David Balmont (Spain), Michael Schorix (Slovenja), Newball (Costa Rica) and
Patrick Galbano (Germany). So get your ears on that and tell us what you think.

Many Too - Mental Code (Original Mix)
DMILE - Seishe (Original Mix)
Jose Diaz, David Balmont - Carlota (Original Mix)
Patrick Galbano - Unscared (Original Mix)
Newball - Face Off (Original Mix)