NEVROTYPE – Megaforce Ep [Elastica]

Nevrotype instance stands for "Nevrotic Example": after 15 years from his coming out album "Visonetics" Franky B aka the Inscrutable Ass returns with his Hardcore Moniker Nevrotype going again in drum'n'bass landscapes with his second to none in harmony meddle with based on "Sight" and "technology", two significant words that fits into Nevrotype's manifesto and delineate extremely his new junket."Megaforce EP", which longing be out on September in digital plan on for italian Bass introduction Elastica Records, wishes be a urban dystopian chimera choke-full of darkness and hyper alacrity that melt hardcore and Mediterranean magma with the baddest neurofunk and the illest jungle moves you've still listened. Be there quiet and coop up your helmets, Nevrotype is Underwrite! "Megaforce" intention be out on Elastica Records on September 2016.

NEVROTYPE - Devil's Gavel (Original mix)
NEVROTYPE - Massive Rain (Original mix)
NEVROTYPE - Ghetto Defender (Original mix)
NEVROTYPE - Megaforce (Original mix)