NeOna – Hello! [Legion Music]

But this a but a few attractions of the electrifying engagement. The NeOna troubadour shares that music is really her way of life, a way to indicate the mankind hither her, her way. The persuade lady oozes variety and extraction, from her mesmerizing costumes crafted by French designers, to her public repertoire that does not misconstrue a belabour in the trends of the music people. But its not decent music, every performance is lively including a breathtaking dance escort featuring top-drawer and charismatic performers. The celibate " Minute fish", "Hello" and " Assume from me", be experiencing spread far and big across community networks brusquely after their unfetter, appealing to a miscellany of audiences. NeOna (NotHer) – is gripping lyrical-stagy proposal delivered as a physical acting in clubs and amusement venues.

NeOna - Hello! (NewZhilla Prod Exented Mix)
NeOna - Hello! (NewZhilla Prod Radio Mix)