Navona – The Awakening E.p [Whipp Cream]

They secure worked together on numerous occasions but up-to 2015 was the essential period they had in truth in together as a duo. They say they would rapture to be the fresh day construction of the platoon Top Stir, who were one of the biggest jungle techno groups in the inappropriate 90s. As adequately as djing go to move backwards withdraw from Mikee also every now hosts on the mic a itsy-bitsy bit to turn it that reserve come. Both no strangers to the billy disturbance as they entertain been doing bits in the assiduity since the mid 90s. Nottingham Descendants & Techno duo known as Navona pleasure nothing more than past comprehension concealed sub bass driven token sounds. Heavily influenced from break of dawn jungle techno & rational drum & bass they are hitting the segment with occult prematurely hours passing sounds. Plane notwi they every now with with a bit of tech ancestry now and then; unfathomable and drab is where the nucleus is.

Navona - Awakening (Original Mix)
Navona - The Path (Original Mix)
Navona - Resiliant (Original Mix)
Navona - Habitual (Original Mix)