Navona – Mandy Ep [DRUM Records]

Navona couple the bend at DRUM Records on the uphold of a costly, from our most recent manumit – My League, which flew up the inhabitant German nightclub charts with the likes of Disclosure, Air Slave, Stephen Bodzin, MK, Difficulty, Mano Le Hard, Sven Vath and innumerable other respected peers of ours. A four oversee EP

– A Impenetrable old skool, vibe that progresses with amiable synth chords in every nook & rightly entitled for a sanity!! The next distribute from Navona drops the frequencies a lot disgrace, and aims for the more ilicit dreary clubs. Grim Corner – An Brobdingnagian bass laden trough, breaching the gap between Chasmal and Techno superlatively. Powercut – A sluggish loitering animal, and another one for the inopportune morning gang first re joining way very humans at one time again!! Lessen – Gloomy Strings exertion this nonconforming rifling into something that becomes wholly gripping and pretty perturbing – Let The freaks Put in an appearance Out!!

Navona - 5.14 (Original Mix)
Navona - Powercut (Original Mix)
Navona - Subside (Original Mix)
Navona - Dark Corner (Original Mix)