Nature Soul Cybertronic – Transiberian [MONOTON audio]

The Spanish Techno machines are second on Being CYBERTRONIC appeared as an source approximation in 2002. Currently NSC is releasing their tangible on labels like AK Lieder, MONOTON:audio, Petrified Urge Records, Bunk3r R3cords, Audio Stimulation Recordings and Cross Mixing. They also join forces with Technodrome booking, Pervert Cudgel Barcelona, Cuebase FM Germany and Omega 3 RUM Portugal. Born in Cdiz, southern Spain, the brothers Daniel and Carlos First constitute what puissance be called the knowledge, the boldness and essence of this tuneful a big years working in studio, they inaugurate to let some of that means on the German tag Zensur Records.

Nature Soul Cybertronic - Moon Shot (Original Mix)
Nature Soul Cybertronic - Stabilyzer (Original Mix)
Nature Soul Cybertronic - Transiberian (Original Mix)