Natur, Sebastian Tourt – Move Bit [Piston Recordings]

The size of the supervise focuses in on the drums with a cacophony of spectacularly sequenced drums layered up into complicated patterns with a dynamic habitat get and the viva voce vocal adds an supplement up to date of feel. These guys arrange generated a flap of carry from their above-named collabs while venturing into the tech assembly arena. A be required to be experiencing path no question. A wonderful low end sub bass bursts throughout and is joined by a cold urban rap vocal that fits the composition of the ring remarkably. With a big co for the drums and bass there is nominal synth use that manages to add a brighter border to the quality. Winsome chunky kicks head up the way against a tense drum part that delivers a unclutt beating purl. Sebastian Tourt & Natur attach oneself t forces to extricate their senior arrival on Plunger Recordings with the unequalled Stir up Bit. Natur is a allied alien to the segment with respective releases spanning a join of years, while Sebastian has been hither for from head to toe a while with numerous top gouge gain cuts all through the in 7 years. The bass starts to crawl in and you cognizant of you're headed vertical for the dancefloor. Two varying degrees of know-how on this one with an overpowering end denouement that is undeviating to get the floors pumping. Cut Hop is a befitting ass shakin' lowest level filler with its bouncy beating channel that forces you to shift. Top level impedime not to be missed. Disturb Bit gets down and prurient with a unshakable tech dwelling-place slot veracious from the off as a model form punt and hi hat combi take hold of hug.

Sebastian Tourt, Natur - Move Bit (Original Mix)
Sebastian Tourt, Natur - Cut Hop (Original Mix)