Nathan Brumley, The Ciopps, Ian Bpm & Juan Vargas, Daxsen – We Begin [the Album] [Daxsen Records]

Daxsen Records pres.

WE BEGIN [The Album]

We Begin compiles all the first work of label group owner Daxsen. Ideas started in 2009 tracks released from 2010 to 2012 Here is were all began. Less is more.

Daxsen Music Group International – Daxsen Records

Daxsen - Skydive (Original Mix)
Daxsen, G-Mayhem, Logan Arceneaux - Fading (feat. Logan Arceneaux) (Re-mode)
Allegro, Daxsen - Reborn (Original Mix)
Daxsen - We Are The Future Of House (Original Mix)
Daxsen, Zero Movement - Julian (Original Mix)
Daxsen, Dimitry Swank - Until The End (Feel The Sky With You) (Original Mix)
Daxsen, Ian Bpm & Juan Vargas - Molleta (Original Mix)
Daxsen, The Ciopps - Technological Universe (feat. The Ciopps) (Original Mix)
Daxsen - Zombie Nation (Original Mix)
Daxsen - Clubness (Club Life) (Original Mix)
Daxsen, Nathan Brumley - Keep Your Eyes Open (feat. Nathan Brumley) (Original Mix)