Natch & Dothen, Leon – The Night Is On Ep [Deeperfect Records]

Imagine you standing there, on some scorched dance floor. It's late at night in some club that you can't even pronounce its name, or perhaps it's right past noon, and you're at some festival and there's no hiding from the sun. Everyone around you is dripping sweat. The air is standing, and the humidity makes you exhaust all of your water resources right on your head. And then, you hear it. first a sound, then a voice, and those kick drums, getting deeper and deeper, brining with them a blissful breeze. Deeperfect does it again: Leon's "The Night Is On EP" is another refreshing summer release, containing three tracks that are simply designed for the hot season. "The Light is On" is an interpretation of the need to move slowly, at first, with a beautiful development that then knocks you off your chair. Natch & Dothen's version is certainly less merciful and kicks you right from the start, and "Fresh N Beat" is that refreshing breeze that finally convinces you: yes, it's hot, it's humid, it's sweaty, and nevertheless – you're in the right place. Dance!

Leon - The Night Is On (Original Mix)
Leon - The Night Is On (Natch & Dothen Remix)
Leon - Fresh N Beat (Original Mix)