Nasko, Sudden Death, Misfit Massacre, TenGraphs – Absolute Zero Ep [Crowsnest Audio]

Absolute Zero is a state of silence, peace, and anticipation, before everything rushes through together. It is the calm before the storm. Chasing is the greed of a man, his quest for power. Immortal Crow is the man who believes himself to be untouchable, only to realize that he is nothing, without the Power of Silence, a power that leads to Absolute Zero, a flat line that symbolizes death. Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

TenGraphs - Absolute Zero (Original Mix)
TenGraphs - Chasing (Original Mix)
TenGraphs - Immortal Crow (Original Mix)
TenGraphs - Power of Silence (Original Mix)
TenGraphs - Chasing (Harrier Remix)
TenGraphs - Chasing (Misfit Massacre Remix)
TenGraphs - Chasing (Sudden Death Remix)
TenGraphs - Chasing (Nasko Remix)