Nale, Ted Irens, Nimanty, Solarsoul – Defying Gravity – Remastered [Galileo Dreams]

Humankind has challenged gravity since the beginning of time.
We have tried to break free from Earth and soar along the depths of unknown and unidentified.
Wanting to reach the secrets of creation, to go to places where the human foot never stepped.

In album "Defying Gravity", we will a Journey through
the Universe with music from quiet space ambient and piano music up to rythmic compositions. So if you're ready, let's defy gravity and begin the path towards the mysteries of the Universe

Solarsoul - A Star Is Born (Original Mix)
Solarsoul - About Eternal Wandering and About the Earth (Memory of Ray Bradbury)
Solarsoul, Kristin Amarie - Magellanic Clouds (Original Ambient Dub Mix)
Solarsoul, Nimanty - The Starry Sky (Original Space Ambient Mix)
Solarsoul - There, Where We Will Meet Again (Original Mix)
Ted Irens, Solarsoul - Defying Gravity (Original Ambient Space Mix)
Solarsoul - Metamorphosis of the Mind (Hypnosis Original Mix)
Solarsoul - The Goldilocks Zone (Original Mix)
Solarsoul - Midnight (Original Ambient Mix)
Solarsoul - Blurring the Boundaries (Original Ambient Mix)
Solarsoul - UDFy-38135539 (13 Billion Light Years From Earth)
Solarsoul - Contemplation (Original Ambient Breaks Mix)
Solarsoul - Heavenly Berth (Original Ambient Space Mix)
Ted Irens, Solarsoul - Defying Gravity (Nale Remix)
Solarsoul - Light Memory, I Remember (Original Piano Ambient Mix)
Solarsoul - Merger (Original Ambient Sleep Mix)
Solarsoul - Mysterious Universe (Original Mix)
Solarsoul - Abyss (Original Mix)
Solarsoul - Thinking About the Eternal (Original Mix)
Solarsoul - Each Night I Dream of Home (Original Mix)