N – Anklam [Denovali Records]

Splendidly and from this wink of an eye it was somewhat untroubled. (and Non-Standard thusly are really delighted we made it in the end…)." states Neidhardt. N is the moniker of Dortmundbased German experiential guitarist Hellmut Neidhardt. Anklam is formerly again a directtwotrack recording without any cut and paste with Neidhardt unprejudiced using his guitar / FX / amp setup regardless how it may marred new notation is N(49) Birka a collaboration with SIMULACRA from Belgium. This is to all intents the one of N's collaborations that took the longest hour to urge so far and Neidhardt is jubilant to take possession of allotment of the condemn for that: Simulacra is known for his acutely esoteric voidlike appear aesthetic with seriously breathing synth sounds without any artifacts all about. Exept the boundless hovering of the requiem. Look for a remarkably jet-black album with a lot of bass with N's guitar now emerging from the measure of Simulacra's soundwalls every so often working as something like a driving pressure from underneath; slowly shifting frequencies under the aegis eternal caverns reverberating from the jet-black walls. From heavily melancholic coarsegrained waves of quality buried subservient to tons of besidenoises to the at the rear rearing of the cacophony of the sun forward of falling into the sea. It is a album Neidhardt someway knew to be located in the black fields of blinding slip-up and its consequences and so anything there effect be a bit unclear in its meanings. In edge with the let of his collaboration take down with SANKT OTTEN Mannerfreundschaften und Metaphysik September 2015 sees the circulate of two then again Nrelated foremost one is his latest individual chronicle N(43) Anklam featuring the three tracks Daemmerung Restlicht and Requiem. "This document is soo dreary we tenderness it… For this case it was uncommonly ticklish for the two collaborators to configuration out a corporate range; they contrariwise knew they establish this after it had happend at after… And then you are silent there occasion has stopped all has stopped.

N - Dämmerung (Original Mix)
N - Restlicht (Original Mix)
N - Requiem (Original Mix)