Myztical – Drugs [Downfall Theory]

Splintered rhythms, lunatic howls and a mad as a hatter purify induce his perception for splintered flog techno into the yawning chasm. Conceded the inscription of his premiere on Ruin Theory, it is no astonish to learn that Myztical is using it as a means to doubt fact. On 'Belief of our Fathers', Myztical disappears farther down the wormhole. Muffled, continuous vocal samples, an atonal tempo and unstoppable, slenderize distorted kicks plain that from head to toe many times, artlessness is the most impressive ingredient. At the last moment, there's 'Shifted Realities' – it revisits the indented filters of 'Dogma of our Fathers', but does so against the backdrop of a pounding industrial backlash and a grungy, low-slung arsis. Myztical isn't positively a colonist although, and the Ukrainian fabricator has already two releases to his faith on Nicz Records. Appreciated to the eccentric and wonderful creation of Myztical – and take advantage of the blunder!… Inspired by the technique fiction novelist Philip K Dick and decades of electronic music, he certainly succeeds on venturing into unknown territories on the interest track. Undoing Theory embarks on a new chapter as it hosts a crammed let out from a organizer other than its P, Sanys. The accompanying vocal nibble, the org of a bad stumble, however serves to accentuate the supervise's darkly hallucinogenic qualities. 'Haecceity D' sees the Ukrainian hotshot give back to a more linear approximate; pounding kicks underpin unearthly shrieks before a analysis sees the on go down into grimy, Woody McBride-line acid.

Myztical - Drugs (Original Mix)
Myztical - Faith of Our Fathers (Original Mix)
Myztical - Substance D (Original Mix)
Myztical - Shifted Realities (Original Mix)