Myles Serge, DJ Skull, Oskar Szafraniec – Oskar Szafraniec [Murge Recordings]

'Peyote' shows us more of what Oskar's fitting at, making a unending combination of influences and instruments occupation together in a unilluminated cacophony of warm merrymaking, making this traces arguably the highlight of the record. DJ Skull creates a passionate and groovy remix of 'Peyote', blending elements from the basic to fabricate a Summery 'Building and Techno' plan from the true type's tuneful parts, then rivaling it for sheer cavort floor intellect. Jazzy pads possess been sent with the aid Oskar's walls of toy senselessness to forge deck sampling craziness, all the while being melodic and thoughtfully inviting, experiential whilst being 'housey' too, something Oskar does so spectacularly. Myles Serge takes his remix of 'Savalli' in a more conventional techno supervision, looping up elements of the authentic, creating more necessary dancefloor moments from Oskar's intelligent authentic. Spirited bongos, overwhelming behind the scenes 80's riffs and doppler effected padscreate an tone that's as addictive as it is uniquely impelling. … The 'Savalli' ep opens up with the designation track, a align unrivalled in its origination techniques.

Oskar Szafraniec - Savalli (Original Mix)
Oskar Szafraniec - Peyote (Original Mix)
Oskar Szafraniec - Peyote (Dj Skull Remix)
Oskar Szafraniec - Savalli (Myles Serge Remix)