My Mine – Like A Fool [Bull & Butcher ]

My Mine are back, the italian band who helped invent the "80s synth sound" will release their new single in more than 30 years. It was 1983 when the international chart-topper "Hypnotic Tango" injected My Mine into dance music's bloodstream: their debut single sold more than 2 millions of records. The new single "Like A Fool" is an electronic banger that opens with a pulsing electro beat and continues with an electro funky hook. My Mine know how to produce building lithe funk grooves that seem to have been transported directly from an underlit dancefloor and ditching any of EDM's whoosh-and-whomp to pay homage to the genre's true origins: house and disco. "Like A Fool" is an absolute jam.

My Mine - Like a Fool (Original Mix)