MUUI – New Faces [Crossfrontier Audio]

and attend to them in all their rawness when surging result of resound systems. Music in it's sum total is ours: forever shaping lives, changing moods and altering our minds… Get these tracks for yourself as the New Faces EP is released on 10th October, or increasingly, on to MUUI on one of his infamous spirited enlistment dates… Without yet ado, we trade to you, the New Faces EP. Each of the four pieces delivers its own intricacies crammed of acum and detachment, from the EP's starter New Faces heightening from the second you hit participate in, to Invocation and Vin, to the tantalizing unchain's finisher Entended. it's there when you stumble, and galvanizes when you mount rebel, and with that; there are some that thicket all these notes. There is a smock of moments in this emancipate that definitely showcase MUUI's other-civic product, and highlight the biggest i why every unshackle of his on Crossfrontier Audio has been flawless fervency. The latest unshackle on Crossfrontier Audio is correctly the latter, a precarious soup of tons emotions, rolled up in conflicting rhythms, and pressed in aural dosages for your ears. Staying in the snowball of capacious productions, after the wonderfully received rescue of Venerable Feathers EP, where MUUI teamed up with tag boss Marc Poppcke for some overflowing cuts, MUUI goes and gives us some principal tracks, like a surreptitious ninja slicing from his fatal sword and throwing in some shuriken. We be suffering with by no tiny exploit, got 4 kind new and source works from MUUI; so now you cognizant of you're in for it.

MUUI - New Faces (Original Mix)
MUUI - Invocation (Original Mix)
MUUI - Vin (Original Mix)
MUUI - Entended (Original Mix)