MUUI, Marc Poppcke – Grey Feathers [Crossfrontier Audio]

Forever on the quest to bring the World the music we love. We've got one you're going to like… the time is here, the time is now, and what a trip it was to get here. Crossfrontier Audio have hit a landmark in their releases thus far, so it was only right to give you something special.

For our 50th release, yes the big 5-0, we present to you, a joint effort of 3 original works from none other than Marc Poppcke and MUUI, for the very first time. Teaming up together in the studio for these two was a long time coming, but that has finally ended, the label boss and production maestro give us the remarkable Grey Feathers EP.

On mind-bending tracks like Antonym and Elsa, we already knew of the magic these two can conduct when remixing each others work, both meddling on the pads like devils onto sin. So, with them joining forces, the results are like two wicked Alchemists stirring the pot, creating dance-floor panacea and providing extraordinary musical gold, and what a couple of tracks we've been given.

No remixes, no edits and no dubs – the Grey Feathers EP is all original and brand new works, untouched and exclusive stuff that gets you all kinds a fucked up. Twisting, turning, rising, teasing… Playfully lofting every note to take you into the upper echelons; don't say we didn't warn you. Whether it's the dancing keys of Grey Feathers, the hypnotic bass and powerful kicks in Amita, or the crack of dawn after-show haze of Anyone There, Marc Poppcke and MUUI have taken their time in crafting these tracks, and they're here for you to enjoy; from rave to room, headphones to speakers, play after play.

We'd like to say thank you and much, much, much love to everyone that has played, shared and supported our music in any way over the years (specifically at high volumes), we're humbled by the love we get right back, and this is all for you.

Peace, and here's to 50 more!

Marc Poppcke, MUUI - Grey Feathers (Original Mix)
Marc Poppcke, MUUI - Amita (Original Mix)
Marc Poppcke, MUUI - Anyone There (Original Mix)