Musoe, Mark Deutsche, Alican, Hanna Hais – No [Paso Music]

Trace Deutsche & Muso are promote on Paso Music with most recent make available is a collaboration with French crooner Hanna Hais (Defected, Roadway Ruler).She contributes her magnificent decision to the expressively-produced tech dwelling-place tracks of Characteristic Deutsche & EP contains 2 tracks with wide, atmospheric vocals and one tip in this encase: an staggering remix by Turkish manufacturer Alican (Get True, Tenapa, Worldwide Hidden).

Hanna Hais, Mark Deutsche, Musoe - No (Original Mix)
Hanna Hais, Mark Deutsche, Musoe - No (Alican Remix)
Hanna Hais - Ta reine (Je ne veux plus etre) (Mark Deutsche & Musoe Remix)
Mark Deutsche, Musoe - They Say (Original Mix)