Mt Accord, S I T R A, Theydon Boys – Troj [Colour8]

Go together's expandable ambient landscapes this EP is a glimpse of the alluring predilection veiled in the depths of Dominant Europe all artsists are from Slovakia and the Czech Rep. While at its core theoretical and unconventional this EP is also entirely chronic in the reported music part black-and-white revelation from the currents that dash the subterranean portals. TROJ follows a ordinary extension as physical ideas and beatdriven compositions slowly morph into more exploratory tracks without attentive guidelines. Spanning a spectrum of ideational electronic music from S I T R A's chimefilled conducive hiphop owing to Theydon Boys' impassioned explosion uniting the acoustic and the false to Mt. All three producers set out on their transition here.

Theydon Boys - Mir (3p1) (Original Mix)
S I T R A - Listen, the Wind Has Something to Say (Original Mix)
Mt Accord - A Widening Rift (Original Mix)