MS82 – Inception [Altered State]

Offensive fave would be ''The Crow'' with its metallic chimes, and squawking vox, creates tautness with power, heavens with tastefulness and goes veracious off too!"

Dave Lievense (Psycatron, Ripkhord, Cocoon, Tresor, Bedrock, Planet E,
Hotflush, Tortured) Belfast based maker/DJ, MS82 launches his launching album entitled "Inception" – The 10 slot untie has been carefully crafted to explain the extent of his artistic perspective as an emerging artist. A stupefying omnium gatherum of tracks, that would sit proudly in any self respecting DJ's box, Forged for those inclination moments on the order lowest level. "MS82, upcoming traitorous from my own hometown, puts a 'sad injection' into the whereabouts with this store of twisted bass led tech. Alternating between bottomless, unilluminated and melodic techno; Inception is a plucky position communiqu for both MS82 and journal docket, ALTERED Shape.

MS82 - The Crow (Original Mix)
MS82 - Shaker (Original Mix)
MS82 - Purple Dress (Original Mix)
MS82 - Intruder (Original Mix)
MS82 - She Likes (Original Mix)
MS82 - White Lines (Original Mix)
MS82 - Can't Sleep (Original Mix)
MS82 - Wake Up (Original Mix)
MS82 - Shudder (Original Mix)
MS82 - Your Face (Original Mix)