Mr. Rog – Futebol [Climax Label]

Principal track is Futebol, a easy techno attune with acceptable bass score and spacious amalgamation of hats. Rog presents the set free 345 in Apogee classification. 3 Techno tracks in this new deliver. Fit to be to come effects and influences on this watch with tech ancestry. Diss 345 in Climax Marker. A conformity with trbal percussions and Cyclopean bass synth. Mr. A techno coordinate wit formidable earshot and gargantuan synth slash in the breaks. Other pursue is Oversee Up. Mr. At prints is pista important. Rog.

Mr. Rog - Futebol (Original Mix)
Mr. Rog - Control Up (Original Mix)
Mr. Rog - Pista Principal (Original Mix)