Mr. Dymz, Iyo, Mahatamtama (Coldiac), Lalitia – Deluxe [Invert Recordings]

Contemplate you dig this precise emancipate from Avonturir. Their Deluxe album sounds rightfully green, sensible and uplifting combined with redolent tentative lyrics for you to rat along. Dymz. As the mask of the album suggests, it paramount listened along-side your fair-haired boy large drinks, contemplating on mortal and affection matters within you. It involves known and up-and-coming vocalists and rappers in Indonesia such as Charita Utamy, Incanta, Mahatamtama, Theresia April, Iyo and Mr. The footwork duo, Avonturir has been transferred from Depictive Records to Invert Recordings as they developed themselves merit the superior placing in Indonesia's EDM action.

Lalitia, Avonturir - Membawamu Hilang (VIP)
Avonturir - Dirimu Dalam Imaji (VIP)
Abenk Alter, Avonturir - Alam Impian (VIP)
Avonturir, Incanta - Easy (Original Mix)
April, Avonturir - Only (Original Mix)
Avonturir, Charita Utami - Semesta Berbisik (Original Mix)
Avonturir, Mahatamtama (Coldiac) - Hold On (Original Mix)
Avonturir - Get This (Original Mix)
Avonturir, Iyo - Cruisetalk (Original Mix)
Avonturir, Mr. Dymz - Alpha (Original Mix)
Avonturir - Rimba (VIP)