Mos Atski – Arradio Ep [Mona Records]

Mos Atski comes this epoch primed with bitch, syrup and resin.
Mona Records (C) 2016 Mastering by Sudblock Studios.
A log that includes as an eyewitness mellowness of the artist
Techno without Winstrol Depot or you conjure up anabolic steroids kicked in the ear and the give one the impression of your do in to spread on the tatami.
Without more we go away you with an specimen of sonic-self-increase and we faith you relish in it!

wide into new sonic landscape without forgetting the art, mimicry and deference.
After his workday in the hang on of defaults Sudblock Studios is now dispos to lay down tax inculcation with 4 hits.

Mos Atski - Recrujimiento (Original mix)
Mos Atski - Par De Apriete En Llave Dinamometrica Superado (Original mix)
Mos Atski - Esfaron (Original mix)
Mos Atski - Encangrenao (Original mix)