Morrison Kiers, Bee Hunter, Mobil, Gary McDonald – Aequitas [Progressive House Worldwide]

A new week means a new PHW release, and we are as thrilled as ever to bring on the full artillery of progressive vibes as we bring on a line-up of known PHW regulars for this release. It’s been awhile since we heard some progressive gems from Irish bound producer gary McDonald so for that we are of course extremely happy to see him join back on the label with his latest baby called “Aequitas”, a warm and relaxing, chunky piece of progressive music, full of warm textures and dreamy melodic parts that we so often see from him, when being on producing mode.

On remix duty from this beauty, we see a triplet welcome return on the label from different corners of Europe. First out is another remix from the talented by far underrated producer hailing from Ukraine, Mobil who once more proves his skills together with us. With a total rebuild of the original, he once more proves he is one for the money, as he delivers a well driven progressive masterpiece, packed with a varitey of sounds, to make it an uplifting piece of magic progressive sounds. That wobbling bassline is working its way all over the place, with added on textures, evolving melodic parts and chunky effects, he definitely strikes with another winner that we hope will be a winner on any decent dance floor across the globe.

Poland based Bee Hunter has been an addition on the label for years now, and with that said, he is one producer that we have full trust in with his creativity behind the DAW. Being a part on releases through many occasions he still proves he is developing his skills and he is doing that once more with his more stripped down rework. It has a great laid back feel, warm soundscapes and keeps working that clean piano roll as we so often see from this true artist. It’s always a pleasure having him with us, and this is of course no exception.

We also have the pleasure to bring on some fresh vibes from a producer, just graduated from law school (congrats to that mate), but still has the time to squeeze some music work as well. We of course feel great to bring on another superb rework the alias of Morrison Kiers to PHW: He is someone we always held high, and with his easy going personality and always friendly mood, he is one that will be a part of the PHW family, for as long as he want. This time he delivers another fresh experience of uplifting progressive sounds, where he is delivering in full flare with his happy vibes.

We hope you will enjoy another PHW release everyone out there!

Gary McDonald - Aequitas (Original Mix)
Gary McDonald - Aequitas (Mobil Remix)
Gary McDonald - Aequitas (Bee Hunter Remix)
Gary McDonald - Aequitas (Morrison Kiers Remix)