Morlack – Touched It Ep [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]

Riding on with the Born 2 Boogie communal, which surely showcases the Morlack earshot with an undeniable funky sulcus, twisted ghetto bass and favourable oldskool rapping. Its a joy as unendingly to gratifying uphold a factual BBP all-lead: Morlack to slope another immature couple of funky jams on Breakbeat Zion Recordings. The EP kicks off with a tip of the hat to determined MC Hammer who made this Rick James entirely illustrious now with a big Morlack bass lines on it yeah he Touched It!. The Touched It EP is the superlative admonition of how Morlack takes an doubtful funk pitch and turns it into his own by adding his signature perpendicular up beats and twisted drunken-rage ghetto bass. Morlack holds his stance as the hardest working man in Ghetto Funk and we are BBP are pleased to be the stage for the funky yield that keeps coming out of the Morlack studio The Morlack aspect has been perfected the beats procure been sharpened and the bass lines empowered. The EP slows down at the end with the Responsibility 2 of the frightening Who Is He, which was from the first let go on the Fly to Paris EP in Dec 2014. Following up on his lucky loaded-ultimately album Hypersonic Monster from ultimate year heres Morlack invest in in sick trim than endlessly! The next several of tracks takes us on a trip oldest to the supple side and then to New York virtuous riding the funk ground swell.

Morlack - Touched It (Original Mix)
Morlack - Born 2 Boogie (Original Mix)
Morlack - Take A Ride On The Soft Side (Original Mix)
Morlack - Take A NY Trip (Original Mix)
Morlack - Who Is He (Part 2) (Original Mix)