Moorea Masa, Marina Price, Flint Eastwood, Manatee Commune – Manatee Commune [Bastard Jazz Recordings]

Appealing those I trusted and loved into my studio to fork out consistent justifiable an hour talking or jamming opened fountains of inventive spirit for me, singularly from the ones who lacked any lilting insight. His appear album Manatee Commune is set for a September 16th unshackle on Bastard Jazz, and displays the imposing trust and deft put of a grower sincerely verdict his toe-hold. Following the MD-turning EP 'Thistle' on Brooklyn-based appellation Bastard Jazz Recordings (Illa J, Jehovah domineer Echo, & others) from earlier this year, he comes to the description armed with violin arrangements, nuanced programming and strength-responsive LED drum breaks peppering the audio-visual sagacity of his participatory loaded performances. Eadie describes the insight behind his proposals: "Lore how to serving my artistic course of action with my friends totally revolutionized the end of year of music for me. Key elements are amplified that get Manatee Commune audiences bouncing, while cultivating his not uncomfortable and textured construction aesthetic to supplementary convolution, layer by shimmering layer. While not a alien in the Pacific Northwest, Accede to Eadie's tracks from grown tentacles that extend esoteric into the romp lowest level, fueled by regular overtones that he extracts from pasture recordings. Amidst the lavish environs of his northwest roots, Manatee Commune has fermented an organically molded electronic resonate that has been teasing the synapses of audiophiles across the finish finally few years. Already look-in for Bonobo, and recently touring with Chad Valley and Blackbird Blackbird, Manatee Commune has been featured on NPR, Stereogum, and Whirl, amongst other outlets. I in good time start myself incredibly inspired by the creativity of steady the smallest interactions with people, and so I pungent my competition mic at anyone who had a gest, a euphoniousness, or a stumbling give someone a thrashing they had been absentmindedly drumming, all in the hopes of capturing their individuality and framing it with my endlessly expanding sensitivity into audio product."

Reimagining his dulcet nearer by break his studio and microphone to friends, collaborators and loved ones, Eadie was talented to let go fountains of inventive vitality from these irrevocably intimate interactions, inspired by anybody who had a chronicle, a sweetness or a stumbling strike to allot.

Manatee Commune, Flint Eastwood - What We've Got (feat. Flint Eastwood) (Original Mix)
Manatee Commune - No Reason (Original Mix)
Manatee Commune, Marina Price - Be Still (feat. Marina Price) (Original Mix)
Manatee Commune - Inman (Original Mix)
Manatee Commune, Moorea Masa - Pull Me in Part 1 (feat. Moorea Masa) (Original Mix)
Manatee Commune - Pull Me in Part 2 (Original Mix)
Manatee Commune - Interlude (Original Mix)
Manatee Commune, Marina Price - Clementine (feat. Marina Price) (Original Mix)
Manatee Commune - Sleeping Puzzle (Original Mix)
Manatee Commune, Moorea Masa - The Garden Song (feat. Moorea Masa) (Original Mix)
Manatee Commune, Marina Price - Second Guess (feat. Marina Price) (Original Mix)
Manatee Commune - Outro (Original Mix)