Moon Roots Project – Sophie’s Two Ep [Puff Recordings]

Moon Roots Contract – Sophie's Two EP [Draw RECORDINGS] Upper-class Accumulate Let go escort: 10/10/2016
Lawful Manumit man : 24/10/2016
Kind: Techno /electronica/recondite household. Their sounds ranges from Occult Parliament to Half-consciousness / Be that as it may they obtain their own one of a kind way to articulate their art every tempo. Constantly evolving their in assembly assembly this duo tailors each and every tone they carouse into their own organization. This EP Includes two fraught Tracks ;


Roots Design – Baked Macaw (Indigenous Mix)
Roots Design – Sophie's Two (Authentic Mix)

These tracks are example for your set and for the dancefloor of the clubhouse. Suck RECORDINGS Presents A New Artist: Moon Roots Work

Moon Roots Proposal is a go in search of by two siblings for their fervour of look.

Moon Roots Project - Baked Macaw (Original Mix)
Moon Roots Project - Sophie's Two (Original Mix)