mOOger!, Patrik Kambo, Glenn Dyson, Destination – Vinyl Remixes [Pink Dolphin Music Ltd]

After a well-known drive on Kickstarter, this unequalled remix album disposition also be accessible on a narrow copy coloured vinyl LP within reach from the designation's website. The vinyl kind includes an ancillary remix from Housing. Remixes sign in from Sinestar, Splodge La Source, Markymix, Patrik Kambo & more. British synthpop/synthwave electro duo Journey’s end revert to Pink Dolphin Music Ltd with 7 remixes of their earlier apart Vinyl.

Destination - Vinyl (Destination's 12" Extended Mix)
Destination - Vinyl (Markymix)
Destination - Vinyl (Mark Trueman (Sinestar) Drop The Needle Mix)
Destination - Vinyl (Mind Veneration Mix)
Destination - Vinyl (GM Old Skool Mix)
Destination - Vinyl (P Kambo Mix)
Destination - Vinyl (mOOger! Mix)