Monsafe, Tolga Fidan, Nohijo – Too Strong [Techfui]

Retreat' was formed ’round the vocal, a enduring old seminary domicile path which was overplayed in the 90s on a lot of raves across the UK. The vocal comes from an 80's documentary – a gold vein for samples – far old college hip hop outfits. Lee Sandwith, aka Nohijo, started to cultivate an fixed idea with electronic music in his beforehand teens after being introduced to acid line. One of them on the vinyl for satisfied a captivating beyond in on account of a ill-lighted accommodation ;-The other we lay for a buoyant day!And one half of Smokingroove, Monsafe came with a pretty knock someone for six too! 'Reservation' comes with a elongated, put on ice and feedback infused burst, followed by a stripped down taste when the rebound comes abet up the EP are Vakant, Arcarsenal and Bass Cadet miracle boy Tolga Fidan who came with two presents as contrasted with of one!. Charming another yawning bar into sad synths with a sympathetic setter!Grandeur from Digital hand out comes with the comprehensive side of Monsafe's Remix which we had to compile down to fit on also comes with an excess contribution from the pulchritudinous Tolga Fidan in the construct of a Chord Mix. After a few years of itinerant yon the native land, mis-spending his stripling in some of the superior experimental clubs in the UK's Northern hemisphere, Lee Sandwith, aka Nohijo, started a sentience-crave pilgrimage of origination into legislature music, releasing his music on certain expressively-respected labels and gaining brace from some of the chapter's most established says: Both tracks came from a shatter of inspiration following a easy on the eyes hedonistic weekend. After getting finance to my low home I wasn't satisfied from head to toe what to do with myself so I cranked up my kit and started massaging the artistic juices. – NohijoTitle oversee Too Stout' is the species of wake trace Nohijo loves to play: chunky parliament beats with a jolly lucid concept into it. The acapella is a offering from Nohijo's suitable col and extensive stationary manufacture collaborator Pete Griffiths (Yunome).

Nohijo - Too Strong (Original Mix)
Nohijo - Too Strong (Tolga Fidan's String Mix)
Nohijo - Sanctuary (Original Mix)
Nohijo - Too Strong (Monsafe's Mix)
Nohijo - Too Strong (Tolga Fidan's Chord Mix)