Monosaccharide, Eric Sneo, TKNO – Error [Tauten]

After some briliant releases presented to you by new members of the Tauten family, label boss TKNO finally ads a cherry to this techno cake. Yes, you are reading it right! The 28th Tauten release is here and it's done by one and only TKNO!
New EP is titled Error and combined by four tracks – original mixes 101 and 110 done by TKNO, and two remixes by Monosaccharide and one and only Eric Sneo!
The first track 101 combines modern and dub techno for a smashing trip. It was remixed by Eric Sneo, famous German DJ and multi-instrumentalist, widely known for his drumming skills and energetic live performing. He gave the 101 track a more modern twist totally in accordance with his own music style.
The other TKNO's original mix – 110 – has a catchy melody and a crazy vibe. New Tauten members, Monosaccharide, remixed 110 putting the track in a totally different dimension by approaching it in their unique way.
No mistakes here! Pure TKNO awaits!

TKNO - 101 (Original Mix)
TKNO - 101 (Eric Sneo Remix)
TKNO - 110 (Original Mix)
TKNO - 110 (Monosaccharide Remix)