Monolock – Love And Peace [Digital Nature Records]

Be compelled Be suffering with Come out with! Friendship and Placidity by Monolock features 2 superb trade-mark new primordial tracks filled to volume with mammoth reformist beats and grooves, emotionally uplifting melodic elements, carefully structured pulsating transitions and infused with scores of a devoted state of semi-consciousness vibe, creating a tough lilting event and an admirable DJ pawn. Digital Complexion Records is acutely glad to intimate the get going of Pro and Peacetime, the bright new EP/Distinct by Israeli wonderful impresario Monolock (Sharon Graziani), one of the finest acts to arise from the Israeli revisionist part in the lifetime 5 years with scores of table topping releases for divers of the genres greatest labels and appearances on stages in clubs and alfresco events in Israel and all in excess of Europe.

Monolock - Love and Peace (Original Mix)
Monolock - Abstract Reality (Original Mix)